IT'S TIME TO dis/connect.

disconnect from devices/
connect with family

In today's lightning fast world it feels as if we are always connected to our phones, email, and social media. As a mom to a preschooler and a business owner, I understand the struggle of balancing technology with family life. Between managing emails, marketing on social media, capturing photos of silly faces and exciting milestones, and searching for those brief moments of escape...I find myself staring at life through a screen way too frequently.

There is overwhelming evidence that screen time can be dangerous for kids so it is important for us as parents to lead by example. That is why I am personally committing to participate in Screen Free Week this April 30 through May 6. No, I won't be eliminating screens completely, but, I will be taking some common sense approaches to minimize my distraction and foster more family connection. I hope you will join me...

I've created a free guide full of tips and ideas on how to approach more mindful screen time as a family. It includes a planning sheet for managing screen time at home, a reflection on screen use, and strategies to ensure your own success!

Take a cell phone snooze

We know you aren't going to eliminate technology from your life, and you don't need to! What you may benefit from is a bit of balance. 

Committing to a chunk of time each week that you will disconnect from technology is a great way to start finding that balance.

When we step away and take time to connect with those around us, it is a reminder of the joy we are capable of - a joy that we do not experience when escaping to social media and other distractions. We become more aware of the addictive nature of technology. 

Want a Play to Grow phone snooze bag? Register for one of our upcoming events to receive a free bag and tips for your family!

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