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What makes us different?

Parents have so many options when it comes to extracurricular programs for their children. Many of these programs make lots of promises and claim to be the very best. We're sure they are great, but here's what makes us different...

Child Directed Play

We know that children learn best when given a bit of freedom. We provide children with opportunities to exercise their creativity, imagination, and independence in a way that is not often seen in school or extracurricular settings. Our Playful Nature and Playful Yogis programs carefully integrate adult-led learning with child-directed play. 

"It seemed like a place that was about the celebration of the child more than anything else. Most camps are about schedules and shuffling kids from one activity to the next without huge regard for what they are learning, reflecting, imagination." 

                                                                              - Playful Parent

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Parent Communication

At Play to Grow, we believe in sharing the joys of your child's learning and growth. When your child attends one of our programs, you will receive a daily email sharing the joys, challenges, and discoveries as well as beautiful photographs of your child's experience. 

"Thank you so much for an amazing week! It was beyond my expectations! I loved the synopsis each day along with the pictures - this is truly a great way to see what the kids are doing and a conversation starter. So much is right in our own backyards and I am thankful they were able to have this experience. I will share far and wide about Play to Grow. I'm looking forward to what you'll offer in the future!"

  - Playful Parent

Child Development experts

The big difference at Play to Grow is that all of our classes and camps are created and led by experts in child development. We are physical the occupational therapists, teachers, and other professionals who have dedicated our careers to supporting children.


For these reasons, our camps can be a developmentally enriching experience for all children, including those who may have struggled in other settings. We provide small groups for lots of 1:1 attention, and only hire staff who are experienced working with a wide range of developmental needs. To find out of our programs are a good fit for your child, email us to set up a free phone consultation!

"Individual attention, willingness and training to see each individual child for who they are, creativity, independence, exploration, flexibility."

                                                                           - Playful Parent

"My son is high energy and can quickly lose interest in something. Whether it is Christine's positive energy, or the fact that she is a mother and can therefore better meet kids on their level (and with reasonable expectations, patience, and mutual respect), my son is happy to learn yoga and mindfulness techniques through her, and he repeatedly looks forward to each class. It feels good to me to be able to bring him to a class that he enjoys so much!"

-Playful Parent

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