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let's get outside...

At Playful Nature Camps, we know that free play in the great outdoors is a necessity for happy, healthy children. Our programs take children back to a simpler time, where building forts, catching frogs, and baking mud pies were the ingredients of summer. But more than nostalgia, these experiences shape development of the mind and body and empower our children to be independent and creative.

Camp Registration for Summer 2019 will open in January 2019.

what does a day at Playful Nature camp look like?

Playful Nature Camp can be...unpredictable! We provide the environment, tools, and inspiration to get the creative juices flowing and then follow the children's lead, meaning each day is a little different. 

Here is what is consistent: Camps run from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, with a short snack break around 10:00 and a lunch break around 11:00. Each day starts with a welcome song and activity to build community. We'll then set out to explore the forest, meadows and streams with a group of 12-15 campers and 3 adults.


Campers will enjoy opportunities for building and cooking over a campfire, learning to use tools, practicing outdoor skills, and creating their own adventures in nature. 

benefits of outdoor free play

Many children and adults are feeling the pressure of lives that are overly scheduled with little time for just being. At Playful Nature we make free play a priority because we know how important it is for children's health and well being. 


Free play in the outdoors: 

  • encourages children to be curious, creative, and independent

  • provides ample opportunity for full body movement

  • allows children to practice valuable social skills

  • leads to improved academic performance

  • offers a variety of sensory input

programs available

We offer summer camps, school year programs, evening events and family workshops. We are proud to be hosted by the Lois Green Sligo Chapter of the Izaak Walton League on 60 beautiful acres in Gaithersburg, Maryland. 

want to know more?

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