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Peacemakers Cards

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

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When I heard what Suzanne Tucker was doing for kids and their parents over at Generation Mindful, I was over the moon excited! Suzanne is a pediatric physical therapist (just like me!) and a mom (also like me!) who saw the need to connect parents with their children in a playful way ( too!).

Generation Mindful offers a handful of products that promote playful connection with your child. The first tool they released was their Peacemakers Cards, which I happily ordered as soon as Suzanne announced her Kickstarter campaign. You may notice this colorful set of cards when visiting the Play to Grow studio. We often use them as inspiration during our welcome circle. I'll have a child draw a card from the deck and it inspires us to share something with the group, like something we've learned recently or something we are grateful for.

What I really love about these cards is that there are several different game suggestions inside the box. So, whether you want to use Peacemakers as a tool when your child is having a hard time, or make the cards part of your morning or evening routine, you can find a way to fit them into your family's schedule. There is also nothing keeping you from coming up with your own way of using the cards. I really love the video below where a mom shares how she picks a card every morning - not just for the kids but for herself - to set an intention for the day. They even post it on the fridge as a reminder...we can all use those reminders, right?

The website provides some more information about how parents, teachers, and therapists can use the cards for children approximately 3 to 10 years of age. The set include 3 welcome cards which help you get started, 7 adult cards which introduces the seven themes, and 35 colorful cards with affirming messages based on the seven themes (Power, Joy, Balance, Love, Peace, Intuition, and Forgiveness). They've also got colorful animal characters which are great for younger kids!

The cards are available for $24 over at Generation Mindful. They offer free shipping if you hit $40, which isn't hard with some of the other neat products they have like their Mindful Manifesto Poster, Time in Toolkit, and Feeling Faces Poster. If you purchase the cards (or any of their other products), I'd love to hear how you are using them! Post in the comments below!

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