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Christine's Favorites

Free Downloads

Here are links to some of our very own resources that Christine uses in her kid's yoga classes at the Play to Grow Studio and with her own family. Feel free to download them for use in your home or classroom!

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Children's Books

Books are a great way to teach kids valuable lessons about growth mindset, slowing down, and following your intuition. Here are some of our favorites. (Click images for link to purchase.)

If you've ever followed a dream, this one could get you a bit teary eyed!

We all fall down. It's important to get back up and keep going if we want to achieve great things!

A great story that reminds us the importance of stopping to smell the roses...


Any of the books in Brad Meltzer's Ordinary People Change the World series is a winner! Great lessons about growth mindset and being yourself!

This book is great for reminding kids that we ALL experience big emotions, but we have the power to respond in a heroic way.

Books for Parents & Educators

Here's some books that have helped shape Christine's approach to working with children. (Click images for link to purchase.)

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