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Tools for Therapists

I receive regular inquiries from therapists who ask "How can I do what you're doing?!" I have to say, I can't blame them for asking because, man...I'm having fun! 

After 8 years in the physical therapy profession I was feeling burned out and ready for a change. Many therapists turn to a different patient population or practice setting. But honestly, I LOVE treating kids. I love educating families. And so I wanted to find a way to keep doing the things I LOVE but in a brand new way that felt sustainable to me. 

The answer for me has been to start my own business teaching yoga and mindfulness for kids. Through my classes and camps I serve children of all different needs. I support families in making movement, mindfulness, and creativity a priority in their lives. In this new role I feel full of joy, freedom, and possibility and I believe the same is possible for you.

I'm currently creating a robust collection of resources, tools, and videos to help you transform your practice. If you want in, check them out below!

What do you need support with?

I want to add yoga & mindfulness to my work with kids.

Yoga and Mindfulness is all the buzz and you're curious about how you can start using these valuable tools in your practice. If you want real, practical tools for getting started with kids yoga, click below to head over to the Play to Grow Hub for valuable resources you can start using TODAY!

Click image to check our our resources!

I need inspiration, motivation, and practical tools to transform my practice.

Therapists are burning out at an alarming rate and for a variety of reasons. I believe that pediatric therapists are uniquely suited to entrepreneurship and other non-clinical pursuits. If you're in need of a permission slip, a road map, or just a kick in the butt to start your next big thing, check out the Therapist Beyond the Bell Subscribers Hub!

Click image to check out the resources!